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Rhode Island LGBT History

1984 – the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment

Some notes: Frank J. Fiorenzano was later convicted of running a Ponzi-scheme that bilked several “investors” including other legislators out of thousands of dollars. Richard Licht is now a Superior Court judge. Elizabeth Morancy left the Sister of Mercy Order… Continue Reading →

The Life and Surprising Adventures of Mary Ann Talbot

There once was an orphan girl who passing as a man served in the British army and navy during the Napoleonic Wars. Born in London in 1778, Mary Ann Talbot was one of sixteen illegitimate children of a British baron. Or… Continue Reading →

Just Look Around

The next time you’re searching around for evidence of the influence of LGBT people in Rhode Island, you need look no further than downtown Pawtucket.   The Deborah Cook Sayles Library, built between 1899 and 1902. The Library was the… Continue Reading →

The first same sex marriage in Rhode Island?

When the General Assembly and the Governor to finally do the right thing and codify marriage equality in Rhode Island, there’s likely to be some serious consideration of just who the official “first couple to be married” will be. It’s… Continue Reading →

Reading for your life?

With the publication of two big US LGBT celebrity autobiographies in the last couple weeks – Portia De Rossi Degeneres’ Unbearable Lightness and Ricky Martins’ Me, and more academic but no less provocative works like R. Tripp Evans’ Grant Wood, A Life – it seems… Continue Reading →

Coming Out in Providence, before coming out was cool

If you made it to the RI Pride Spotlight Awards last month, you might have met some of the living heros in our midst, the founders of RI Pride, marchers in the first RI LGBT Pride Parade in 1976. Working… Continue Reading →

Scabola Feces

If you’ve read any academic articles about drag queens, you’ve probably come across the name. It’s kind of hard to forget. One of the most famous (or is it infamous) drag queens from Rhode Island, Scabola Feces was one of… Continue Reading →

Burlingame State Park

During a long, snowy winter, it’s sometimes hard to remember what it’s like to get out and about in nature. But soon our thoughts will turn to spring, rebirth of nature, perhaps even romping in the woods. One of the… Continue Reading →

RIC’s Gay Alliance

Fun find of the week (so far): Yes. That’s an invitation to a dance at the RIC student union. For Halloween. 1976. No. That’s not a typo. 1976. Oh and just in case you were wondering how many people knew… Continue Reading →

Gay Prom

So Kurt took Blaine to the prom on Glee. I assume that wasn’t a spoiler for anyone who cares about the show, right? But did you know that in 1980 Cumberland high school senior Aaron Fricke brought Paul Gilbert to… Continue Reading →

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